What Has 2020 Taught Us About Our Need for Human Connection?
September 24, 2020

This week's episode is going to have a different twist to it than the previous weeks. A few days ago, an article came out where JP Morgan(one of the world's largest banks) told a portion of their staff that they must come back to the office. This report said that through internal data collection, they saw decreased productivity on Mondays and Fridays and worries that remote work is not a substitute for organic interaction and creates missed learning opportunities for younger people. This article got me thinking about previous episodes that we have had on this podcast where Covid-19, relationships, work from home, development, engagement, and community have come up during each conversation. I thought it would be helpful to publish one episode with combined clips where this topic is addressed, and overall themes are exposed. It's fascinating to think about all the technological advances that we have today and what's ahead for our world, but how some things don't change. These are our need for community, relationships, encouragement, accountability, motivation, connection, and more. I hope you enjoy this week's episode.

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Ken Utech | You Never Arrive. You’re a Constant Work in Progress.
September 17, 2020

My guest this week is Ken Utech. What happens when you spend close to 40 years traveling the country and working with close to 1,000 businesses, organizations, individuals, non-profits, and more. You learn about how we as people operate and how to address things as they are, get to the root cause, and work through them. I have yet to hear where a conversation like this will not apply to any person’s situation or life. Ken and the Utech Group have served and impacted organizations as large as the United States Army and other Billion-Dollar Organizations to large private companies, family businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, and much more. I am glad to release this week’s episode with Ken Utech.

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REBOOT: Mike Bruns | The Momentum That Builds a $200 Million Dollar Company

I have received lots of feedback about this episode and how much you enjoyed it. I spoke with Mike last week and he mentioned that the things we talk about in this episode are the most common topics talked about when he speaks or when he meets with people when they are trying to learn from him and his experience.

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Tom Kadien | If You Want To Take On More, You Have To Evolve
August 27, 2020

My guest this week is Tom Kadien. Tom spent 40 years working for International Paper. For those that don’t know, IP is the largest pulp and paper company in the world, with $21 billion in revenue. While at IP, Tom was over many parts of the company including Head of IP Europe, IP Asia, IP India, Head of Global Citizenship and more. After retiring from IP, Tom took over the leadership of UMRF Ventures, which was created to give students economic opportunity and real world experience while getting their degree at University of Memphis. This is a great conversation, let’s get started.

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Mike Bruns | The Momentum That Builds a $200 Million Dollar Company
August 13, 2020

Listen to this week's episode with Entrepreneur Mike Bruns. Mike founded trucking company Comtrak with one driver after working for three bankrupt companies prior. Twenty-three years later, Mike sold Comtrak with $200,000,000 in revenue and 1,500 employees.

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Carolyn Hardy | What Racism Feels Like the Workplace and Why Corporate Diversity Programs Can Lack Follow Through
August 6, 2020

This episode is a straightforward conversation in which Carolyn discusses the racial challenges that she encountered throughout her educational and professional career, the lack of follow-through or lip service that can occur with corporate diversity initiatives, what needs to change to make them effective, and more. This episode challenged me to think about my own mental frameworks and the difficulty that certain people have to endure to advance forward.

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Kevin Kane | How Tourism Drives a City
July 16, 2020

Kevin Kane, President of Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau, discusses how tourism affects a city, why businesses come to Memphis, how Memphis CEOs choose to use their platforms to invest in Memphis, the reasons behind Renasant Bank Convention Center, how to adjust to change, and more.

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Fred Jones | Taking Risks, Celebration, Learning From Mistakes, Importance of Having Support, Hard Knocks, Vision, Facing Skepticism, and Passion
June 25, 2020

Fred Jones, founder of the Southern Heritage Classic, discusses how to think about taking risks, the importance of community and celebration, having a vision and enduring through negativity and cynicism, systematic challenges, key people that helped him along the way, the importance of mindset and faith, and more.

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Carolyn Hardy | Purpose, Family, and Entrepreneurship
May 20, 2020

Entrepreneur Carolyn Hardy discusses her all but easy career path before acquiring her first company with high-interest money, living out her purpose, family, career advice, and much more.

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