74. "Who’s Going To Fill The Void?" with Will Chase
December 20, 2022

My guest today is Will Chase. This is the second time Will is on this podcast. I’ve heard great feedback about his episode #62, so check it out.

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73. “Assets Happen” with Bob Fockler
November 17, 2022

My guest today is Bob Fockler, former investment banker turned Community builder and asset allocator.

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71. Life As An Underdog and Enjoying the Fight with Frank Cianciola
September 29, 2022

My guest today is Frank Cianciola. I’m fortunate to interview many people across the country for the corporate interviews I produce. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years, it’s that if something works in one market, those principles will work in every market.

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70. She Didn't Take The Easy Way Out with Duncan Williams
August 18, 2022

My guest today is Duncan Williams. I wanted to have Duncan on this podcast because What started as a small regional municipal bond firm in 1969 grew to be one of the largest female-owned bond broker-dealers in the United States. In addition to this work, this family has a strong presence as a holding company in farmland, apartments, and senior living facilities in the southeastern part of the United States.

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69. Beating the Odds and Building a 4th Generation Business with Scott Felsenthal
July 28, 2022

My guest today is Scott Felsenthal. I wanted to have Scott on this podcast because he and his family are obviously doing something right. Only 3% of companies make it to the 4th generation, and their company Whitmor is one of them. Scott is the CEO of Whitmor, and it's a privilege to have him on this podcast.

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68. Building It From The Ground Up with Eric Barnes
June 9, 2022

My guest today is Eric Barnes. Eric is the CEO of the Daily Memphian, the largest single market digital-only local news site in the United States.

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67. Big Ideas, Big Challenges, and Making Them Happen with Tim Belk
May 26, 2022

My guest today is Tim Belk. Tim, his wife Sarah, and his children operate Wild Hope Farm out of Chester, South Carolina.

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The Ultimate Entrepreneur's Game with Mason George [RE AIR]
May 12, 2022

My guest today is Mason George. Mason is an entrepreneur and business executive with IMC Companies.

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66. Building A Well Tuned Machine with Rick Spell
April 28, 2022

My guest today is Rick Spell. Rick is the owner of Spell Restaurant group.

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65. "The Country That Raised Me" with Sandra Xing
April 14, 2022

So far in my life, I have yet to meet someone who has overcome more obstacles in their life to become an entrepreneur in the United States and benefit from capitalism.

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63. You're either all in or you're all out — with Will Chase
March 17, 2022

My guest today is Will Chase. Will is the former CEO of Triumph Bank.

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62. Are Stick Built Homes A Thing Of The Past? with Steve Glenn
February 24, 2022

My guest today is Steve Glenn. Steve is an entrepreneur and CEO of Plant Prefab.

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61. Crowdfunding Done Right with Adam Kaufman
January 27, 2022

My guest today is Adam Kaufman. Adam is the co-founder of ArborCrowd. Based out of New York City, ArborCrowd is the only commercial real estate crowdfunding platform backed by a publicly-traded mortgage REIT.

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60. The Ultimate Entrepreneur's Game with Mason George
January 13, 2022

My guest today is Mason George. Mason is an entrepreneur and business executive with IMC Companies.

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Transforming Agriculture: One Deal At A Time with Garrott McClintock [RE AIR]
December 30, 2021

My Guest today is Garrott McClintock. Garrott is the COO of AcreTrader.

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59. Managing Through Chaos and Investing In The Future with Gary Wunderlich
December 16, 2021

My Guest today is Gary Wunderlich. Gary is an entrepreneur and investor.

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58. Positioned To Win. Explosive Growth In American Manufacturing with Andrew Green
December 2, 2021

Andrew Green is CEO of Parkway Products. Parkway is a national injection molding company across the United States and Mexico.

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57. Building What I Wish I Had with Sam Sawyer
November 18, 2021

My guest today is Sam Sawyer. Not many would leave their career at the top of their field to launch a startup disrupting the space they once built their career in.

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56. The Mecca of Soul Food with Patrice and Jerry Thompson
November 4, 2021

My Guests today are Patrice and Jerry Thompson. Patrice and her family own and operate the legendary Four Way Restaurant out of Memphis, TN.

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55. You've Got To Be Willing To Let Go with Harry Smith
October 21, 2021

My Guest today is Harry Smith. Harry is an author, former public accountant, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

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54. Even The Best Are Allowed A Few Strikeouts with Andy Cates
October 7, 2021

My guest today is Andy Cates. Andy is an entrepreneur, investor, and community activist.

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53. You Can't Put Me In A Box with Karen Carrier
September 23, 2021

My guest today is Karen Carrier. Karen is an artist, chef, and entrepreneur. Karen began her career in New York City after dropping out of college and enrolling in culinary school. She got her start working with Chef Susan Trilling, and the rest is history. Karen is nationally recognized by publications such as New York Times, Food and Wine, National Geographic, Garden and Gun, and more.

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52. Why Stop When You're Having Fun? with Hilliard Crews
September 9, 2021

My Guest today is Hilliard Crews. Hilliard is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

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49. The Ultimate Partnership - The Pet Lover and The Retail Specialist with Jean McGhee [RE AIR]
August 12, 2021

Hey Everybody, I’m doing a re-release this week. I am going to air one of the episodes I have heard the most feedback from since this one was released on the last day of 2020.

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48. What's Your Core? With James Maclin
August 5, 2021

My guest today is James Maclin. James is out of Memphis, TN, where he is the founder of M&M Enterprise, a multi-family real estate company. Before founding M&M Enterprise, James spent 20+ years working for the extremely successful Mid America Apartment Communities. Mid America was founded by Memphian George Cates and is an incredible success story.

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47. Transforming Agriculture: One Deal At A Time with Garrott McClintock
July 29, 2021

My Guest today is Garrott McClintock. Garrott is the COO of AcreTrader. AcreTrader is a hot new start-up out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, that recently finished a series its 12 Million Dollar funding round. AcreTrader matches investors with farmland while giving Farmers the land they need to grow their operation.

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46. The Gift Of A Breaking Point
July 15, 2021

My guest today is Brent Beshore. If you haven’t heard of Brent before, I bet you’ll be impressed with his story.

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44. "When It's Worthwhile, What's There To Lose?" with Ken Masterson
June 24, 2021

My guest today is Ken Masterson. You may know Ken from FedEx, where he built the legal department and was the General Counsel for FedEx from 1979 - 2005.

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UPDATE: Launching Exclusive Podcasts For Companies
April 22, 2021

Over the last several weeks, my team and I have had the pleasure of taking my podcast and using it to come alongside and help organizations tell their story to their own people through their own private podcast channel. By creating an exclusive podcast channel for the organization and all of its associates, we help them build further engagement.

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41. "I Have To Start Here?" with Geoff Calkins
March 18, 2021

Geoff's been named the best sports columnist in the country five times by Associated Press sports editors, and he's also received many more awards. Please enjoy this week’s episode with Geoff Calkins!

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38. “Too Many People Keep Getting Ready To Get Ready” with Kent Ritchey
February 18, 2021

For over 50 years, Kent has been in the automobile business. Kent’s company, Lander’s Auto Group, has 15 Automobile Franchises with over 450 Associates in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

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36. Pushing It To See Its Potential with Davin and Kellan Bartosch
February 4, 2021

Davin and Kellan launched Wiseacre in 2013 and it has been a huge success. They quit their jobs, found a partner, took out personal loans and have built one of the most well known craft breweries in the Southeast.

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32. What Would It Be Like To Get A Do Over? With Kat Gordon
January 7, 2021

My guest this week is Kat Gordon. In her mid 20’s Kat opened Muddy’s Bake Shop thinking it likely wouldn’t make it. Thirteen years later, Muddy’s is one of the top bakeries in the United States.

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31. The Ultimate Partnership: The Pet Lover and The Retail Specialist with Jean McGhee
December 31, 2020

My guest this week is Jean McGhee. Jean is one of the owners of Hollywood Feed – the fastest-growing pet retail store in the country with 110 stores across the U.S. Jean and her husband Shawn purchased Hollywood Feed in 2006.

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30. Life Is Shorter Than You Think with Jim and Amy Yurchenco
December 17, 2020

My guests this week are Jim and Amy Yurchenco. Jim and Amy have both live and work in Palo Alto, California. Jim was the first employee for worldwide engineering firm Ideo and Amy, most recently as a software engineer for Intuit. In addition to their professional careers, they have canoed the Mississippi River and hiked tens of thousands of miles in 10 different countries (Wales, Turkey, Spain, Scotland, Slovakia, Japan, Italy, France, Australia, USA). In case you didn’t know it is 24,000 miles to travel around the world! Their mileage is incredible. It’s no secret that this year has taught us how much we value the outdoors, silence, nature, and adventure. This is a fascinating conversation where we discuss: how to prioritize what matters most to you and live it out the lessons you learn by spending extensive time in the back country what it is like paddling the Mississippi River from start to finish Living differently than your peers Life is shorter than you think Each of their different perspectives about work No one starts as a master builder If you’re willing to fail you’re willing to learn how every adventure ads up Leaving your mark on the world and more! This conversation was a blast to have, and I am excited to share this week’s episode with Jim and Amy Yurchenco with you. For more information on Jim and Amy you can check out their website here:

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29. Stay Out of The Trap with Shawn Askinosie
December 10, 2020

My Guest this week is Shawn Askinosie. Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch, award-winning chocolate factory located in Springfield, Missouri. They source 100% of their beans directly from farmers. Shawn travels to Ecuador, the Philippines, and Tanzania to source cocoa beans for his chocolate. This allows the chocolate to be traced to the source and labeled authentic single origin. Their mission is to serve their farmers, their neighborhood, their customers, and each other. The company is currently sustainably feeding over 1,600 students per day in Tanzania and the Philippines without any donations. Askinosie Chocolate has also been featured in Forbes, NYTimes, WSJ, MSNBC, Oprah Magazine, and numerous others. Shawn has been awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Missouri- Columbia and Missouri State University. Askinosie Chocolate has received 3 Good Food Awards, considered the Oscars of food, 6 silver awards from the Specialty Food Association; and 7 International Chocolate Awards. During this episode, Shawn boldly opens up about changing careers, past experiences that shaped his future, threats of having a driven personality, simple living, strong relationships with his farmers in developing nations, facing dark seasons of life, marriage, changes of life, and more. This episode covers helpful insights, but more about life in its raw for and how to live it in a meaningful way. Available now- I hope you enjoy it!

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26. How Your Past and Your Passion Can Build You a Valuable Business
November 12, 2020

My guest this week is Clark Butcher. Clark is back on for a part two episode. Last week we left off at what happens when you go all-in on your business, and it burns down one month after starting. This week, we will dive into what it is like to build a high-touch retail store. This episode is an in-depth conversation on what it looks like to make a brand and build a successful small business that reaches far more than just a local market. Additionally, it is fascinating to hear how Covid 19 is affecting the cycling industry. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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24. Engineering Mindset and The Power of Automation with Matt Cook
October 29, 2020

This week's guest is Matt Cook, Matt is currently the VP of Engineering at Tilled; before that, he launched his own startup, and before that, he was head of platform for Shipt. As you may know, Shipt was started in 2014 and was acquired by Target in 2017 for $550 Million Dollars. As you know, we live in a growing gig economy where people get to work in flexible ways that were not possible before. This is powered by technology, consumer needs, and how platforms bring together service fulfillment quickly, trackable, and cost-effectively. Even if you are not interested in how businesses like this scale and what it takes for them to operate well, you can still learn many things that can be automated with your own day-to-day experiences and where the world is continuing to move from a technological perspective. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode with Matt Cook.

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What Has 2020 Taught Us About Our Need for Human Connection?
September 24, 2020

This week's episode is going to have a different twist to it than the previous weeks. A few days ago, an article came out where JP Morgan(one of the world's largest banks) told a portion of their staff that they must come back to the office. This report said that through internal data collection, they saw decreased productivity on Mondays and Fridays and worries that remote work is not a substitute for organic interaction and creates missed learning opportunities for younger people. This article got me thinking about previous episodes that we have had on this podcast where Covid-19, relationships, work from home, development, engagement, and community have come up during each conversation. I thought it would be helpful to publish one episode with combined clips where this topic is addressed, and overall themes are exposed. It's fascinating to think about all the technological advances that we have today and what's ahead for our world, but how some things don't change. These are our need for community, relationships, encouragement, accountability, motivation, connection, and more. I hope you enjoy this week's episode.

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Ken Utech | You Never Arrive. You’re a Constant Work in Progress.
September 17, 2020

My guest this week is Ken Utech. What happens when you spend close to 40 years traveling the country and working with close to 1,000 businesses, organizations, individuals, non-profits, and more. You learn about how we as people operate and how to address things as they are, get to the root cause, and work through them. I have yet to hear where a conversation like this will not apply to any person’s situation or life. Ken and the Utech Group have served and impacted organizations as large as the United States Army and other Billion-Dollar Organizations to large private companies, family businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, and much more. I am glad to release this week’s episode with Ken Utech.

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REBOOT: Mike Bruns | The Momentum That Builds a $200 Million Dollar Company

I have received lots of feedback about this episode and how much you enjoyed it. I spoke with Mike last week and he mentioned that the things we talk about in this episode are the most common topics talked about when he speaks or when he meets with people when they are trying to learn from him and his experience.

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Tom Kadien | If You Want To Take On More, You Have To Evolve
August 27, 2020

My guest this week is Tom Kadien. Tom spent 40 years working for International Paper. For those that don’t know, IP is the largest pulp and paper company in the world, with $21 billion in revenue. While at IP, Tom was over many parts of the company including Head of IP Europe, IP Asia, IP India, Head of Global Citizenship and more. After retiring from IP, Tom took over the leadership of UMRF Ventures, which was created to give students economic opportunity and real world experience while getting their degree at University of Memphis. This is a great conversation, let’s get started.

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Mike Bruns | The Momentum That Builds a $200 Million Dollar Company
August 13, 2020

Listen to this week's episode with Entrepreneur Mike Bruns. Mike founded trucking company Comtrak with one driver after working for three bankrupt companies prior. Twenty-three years later, Mike sold Comtrak with $200,000,000 in revenue and 1,500 employees.

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Carolyn Hardy | What Racism Feels Like the Workplace and Why Corporate Diversity Programs Can Lack Follow Through
August 6, 2020

This episode is a straightforward conversation in which Carolyn discusses the racial challenges that she encountered throughout her educational and professional career, the lack of follow-through or lip service that can occur with corporate diversity initiatives, what needs to change to make them effective, and more. This episode challenged me to think about my own mental frameworks and the difficulty that certain people have to endure to advance forward.

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Kevin Kane | How Tourism Drives a City
July 16, 2020

Kevin Kane, President of Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau, discusses how tourism affects a city, why businesses come to Memphis, how Memphis CEOs choose to use their platforms to invest in Memphis, the reasons behind Renasant Bank Convention Center, how to adjust to change, and more.

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Fred Jones | Taking Risks, Celebration, Learning From Mistakes, Importance of Having Support, Hard Knocks, Vision, Facing Skepticism, and Passion
June 25, 2020

Fred Jones, founder of the Southern Heritage Classic, discusses how to think about taking risks, the importance of community and celebration, having a vision and enduring through negativity and cynicism, systematic challenges, key people that helped him along the way, the importance of mindset and faith, and more.

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Carolyn Hardy | Purpose, Family, and Entrepreneurship
May 20, 2020

Entrepreneur Carolyn Hardy discusses her all but easy career path before acquiring her first company with high-interest money, living out her purpose, family, career advice, and much more.

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