46. The Gift Of A Breaking Point

July 15, 2021
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July 15, 2021

46. The Gift Of A Breaking Point

My guest today is Brent Beshore. If you haven’t heard of Brent before, I bet you’ll be impressed with his story.

After starting and acquiring companies in his 20’s, Brent now is CEO of Permanent Equity, where he and his team currently own 11 plus companies and oversee the deployment of 300 million dollars in capital. Brent and his team believe in owning companies for the long run hence the name Permanent Equity. This conversation is about much more than just business.

I had a great time with Brent where we cover:

  • His own transformation after a breaking point in his late 20’s
  • Why for him, life is a gift, not a game
  • How the once in a lifetime opportunities he has experienced drive him to create those for others
  • Why they are building educational systems inside their companies to give people the ability to advance their own value to the world
  • And more!


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