59. Managing Through Chaos and Investing In The Future with Gary Wunderlich

December 16, 2021
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December 16, 2021

59. Managing Through Chaos and Investing In The Future with Gary Wunderlich

My Guest today is Gary Wunderlich. Gary is an entrepreneur and investor.

At the age of 26, Gary founded Wunderlich Securities and he and his team turned Wunderlich into a national full service and investment banking firm. 400+ employees and two decades later, Wunderlich Securities sold to B. Riley for 67 Million Dollars.

In 2020, Gary Co-Founded Live Oak Merchant Partners. Since the founding Live Oak has launched four SPACS (also known as blank check companies) where they are investing in biotechnology, innovative semiconductors, mobility and motion technology, and environmental sustainability. Just wait, as you listen to this interview you’ll hear how Gary plans to roll out 1 to 1 and a half SPACS a year moving forward.

I had a great time with Gary where you’ll hear:

  • The impact of having strong advisors when you’re 26 and naïve
  • Managing through chaos and why he’s more comfortable that way
  • Investing in the future- his process, deal flow, and the value of each of his investments and what they have to get right to succeed
  • The joy of pouring into other entrepreneurs when you know what they’ve been through
  • And much more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Gary Wunderlich!



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