48. What's Your Core? With James Maclin

August 5, 2021
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August 5, 2021

48. What's Your Core? With James Maclin

My guest today is James Maclin. James is out of Memphis, TN, where he is the founder of M&M Enterprise, a multi-family real estate company. Before founding M&M Enterprise, James spent 20+ years working for the extremely successful Mid America Apartment Communities. Mid America was founded by Memphian George Cates and is an incredible success story.

On this episode with James, you’ll hear:

  • Going out on your own isn’t easy- what he would do differently and what has been better than he expected
  • Building up not out what can happen when a City continues to revitalize within
  • The power of transparency- what happens when a Government, Press, Business, or any system operates transparently and not in the dark
  • The power of relationships- the impact that George Cates has had on his life and career
  • And More!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with James Maclin!

Episode Transcript

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