53. You Can't Put Me In A Box with Karen Carrier

September 23, 2021
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September 23, 2021

53. You Can't Put Me In A Box with Karen Carrier

My guest today is Karen Carrier. Karen is an artist, chef, and entrepreneur. Karen began her career in New York City after dropping out of college and enrolling in culinary school. She got her start working with Chef Susan Trilling, and the rest is history. Karen is nationally recognized by publications such as New York Times, Food and Wine, National Geographic, Garden and Gun, and more.

Karen has been invited twice to cook at the acclaimed James Beard House in New York City. Karen has served as a personal chef for Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, Francis Ford Coppola, Jim Jarmush, and more.

I had a wonderful time talking with Karen where you’ll learn:

  • Once an artist, always an artist. Why she didn’t conform and has always pushed the envelope

  • The relationships that shape you early on and how this impacts your craft

  • Even after four decades in how she has hustled to survive the Covid-19 pandemic

  • From concept to execution, how she launches her restaurants

  • Celebrity or not- we’re all the same, and how she’s confident with her craft. “This is what you do; this is what I do.”

  • And more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Karen Carrier!

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