51. Serve By Principle, Not By Politics with Scott Sauls

September 2, 2021
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September 2, 2021

51. Serve By Principle, Not By Politics with Scott Sauls

My Guest today is Scott Sauls from Nashville, TN. Scott is the Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville. Prior to moving to Nashville, Scott served on staff under Tim Keller in New York City at Redeemer Church.

You may ask, what prompted me to ask a pastor for the first time on this podcast? I wanted to have Scott on this podcast because I heard that when he moved from New York City to Nashville, Christ Pres had many people leave. As Scott described it, this was a rebuilding effort. Several years in, Christ Pres has grown and planted multiple campuses around the city of Nashville, TN. In addition to this, I found Scott's leadership style unique since Christ Presbyterian gives away over 40% of their income each year.

This was a fun conversation where we cover:

  • What a rebuilding effort looks like and what to expect
  • His own struggle with approval. What he has learned to lead by principles and not by politics
  • Why leading a large Church teaches you your limitations. Why the needs are overwhelming and what this has taught him about control
  • What he's learning about planting campuses in the 5th most diverse city in the United States and how to give people what they need
  • Building an organization bigger than yourself. What he is doing to make succession a smooth process
  • And more!

Scott's also the author of five books, and you can find those here: https://scottsauls.com/books/

Please enjoy this week's episode with Scott Sauls!

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