62. Are Stick Built Homes A Thing Of The Past? with Steve Glenn

February 24, 2022
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February 24, 2022

62. Are Stick Built Homes A Thing Of The Past? with Steve Glenn

My guest today is Steve Glenn. Steve is an entrepreneur and CEO of Plant Prefab.

After closing its series B round at $30 Million, Plant Prefab is locked in on changing the game of how homes are built...

Plant Prefab is backed by high-profile investors, including Amazon, Asahi Kasei, Gerdau Paris Ventures, and Obvious Ventures. They recognize the massive market opportunity that Plant Prefab is capitalizing on.

We all know the pain points. There’s an undersupply of homes, rising material costs, increasing construction timelines, lack of subcontractors, harmful environmental impact, I could go on.

This interview is a great episode where you will hear:

The challenge of wedding profit and purpose when what you need to do is scale

The good, the bad, and the ugly of an achievement personality. How this has shaped who he is today and Steve’s own entrepreneurial journey

A deep dive into why their solution solves critical issues and the impact for the future

Who is James Rouse? His influence, his story, and how his impact even lives on today

Plus much more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Steve Glenn!









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